What is Friant?

Friant Water Authority (Friant) is a public agency formed by its members under California law to operate and maintain the Friant-Kern Canal and to represent our members in federal or state policy, political, and operational decisions that could affect the Friant Division’s water supply. Our goal is to provide dependable, sustainable water from Millerton Reservoir to Friant Contractors.

Principal Infrastructure

  • Friant Dam and Millerton Lake on the San Joaquin River northeast of Fresno.

  • Millerton Lake has a capacity of 520,500 acre-feet of water.

  • The 152-mile Friant-Kern Canal from Friant to the Kern River in Bakersfield.

  • The 36-mile Madera Canal that runs northwest to Ash Slough, east of Chowchilla.