Friant Water Authority manages delivery of San Joaquin River water supplies via the Friant-Kern Canal on behalf of Friant Division Contractors of the federal Central Valley Project. These deliveries are subject to the Bureau of Reclamation's ability to satisfy the senior water rights of the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors through supplies delivered from the Delta and other sources. To assist and inform member agencies of the status, trends, and issues that affect Friant Division contractors and the communities that depend on the San Joaquin River, the Authority monitors and reports on a range of topics available here. 


Friant water Update

The Friant Water Report provides a weekly update and analysis of current and likely future conditions associated with water supply reliability to Friant Water Authority member agencies. To subscribe to this report click HERE


Wednesday water data report

Published weekly, this report provides extensive tabular data of water supplies,  reservoir operations, crop data, precipitation and other factors. 


Friant Operations

Link provides the Bureau of Reclamation's daily Millerton Lake Daily Operations Report. 


Delta operations

Link provides the Bureau of Reclamation's daily South of Delta Daily Operations Report.